Information Risk Management

Know how secure your business is, and where to focus your resources.

Information risk management involves identifying risks to important information assets, assessing the importance of the risks to the organisation, and treating the risks appropriately. The business benefits of effective information risk management are significant and can offer a competitive advantage. Benefits include increasing the visibility of risk across the organisation, avoiding damaging security incidents, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and meeting the requirements of business partners.

An effective risk management system should answer the questions:

  • Are we as secure as we need to be?
  • Are we spending the security budget wisely?
  • Are we making a difference or just making work?

We can help you create a lean and effective risk management process that will integrate well into your organisation. We’ll help you identify the risks relevant to your particular business operations and prioritise them based on the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact to your business. We’ll then work with you to develop a risk treatment plan that focuses on the most important risks and makes the best use of your information security resources. Our focus is on helping you to achieve a balanced risk profile at the lowest cost, with minimal impact to other business objectives.

Our risk management processes are developed from international standards and guidelines such as:

  • ISO 31000 and ISO 27005
  • NIST guidelines SP800-30 and SP800-100
  • PCI DSS Risk Assessment Guidelines
  • HB 231 and HB 167

We combine internationally recognised techniques with our specialised experience to produce risk management strategies that best fit your business.

Risk Management Tools

We’ve worked with a number of high profile Australian clients to create easy to use, customised risk management tools, including:

  • Centralised risk registers
  • Information risk assessment tools
  • Third party controls assessment tools


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