How we go about it

At Blueprint we listen to you. We work together with your business to choose the information security solutions that suit you.


We listen to you and understand your unique business needs.

At Blueprint we’re genuinely interested in getting to know your business and helping to best meet your needs. We focus on the unique risks to your business. We provide a custom built solution for you and only you.


We don’t engage in scare mongering.

We won’t use fear to scare you into buying products you don’t need. We’re positive and proactive, and our objective is to enable you to achieve the level of security you require in the most efficient way possible.


We’re a small consultancy, so every client is very special to us.

We pride ourselves on becoming part of the team and creating solutions that really help your organisation.


We get the job done.

At Blueprint, you’ll receive services on time, on budget, every time. We understand that your time is precious so we’re quick to respond.


We’re clear and concise in our communication and documentation.

Our work is important to us and to you. We’ll cut through the jargon so you can see the real picture in language you can understand.


We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise.

You can trust us to provide high quality, tailor-made services for your business.


We may not be the cheapest, but by assessing your unique needs we guarantee you long term value.

We ensure that you invest well for the future and don’t purchase services or products you don’t need. We take the time to help you implement solutions for the long term.

To find out more, call us in Melbourne today on 1300 977 774.