Data Privacy

With so many data privacy laws, regulations and guidelines across the world, it can be difficult for organisations to understand what their requirements are. This is particularly true when providing international online services. We can help you develop a privacy strategy to meet your national and international obligations and exceed your customers’ expectations.

We can assist businesses with a range of privacy consulting services, including:

  • Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments, aligned to the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s guidelines
  • Developing privacy policies, as required by the Australian Privacy Act
  • Interpreting privacy standards and guidelines, such as the OECD guidelines and the ISO 29100 standard
  • Understanding national and international privacy obligations, including:
  • Australian Privacy Act
  • EU Data Protection Directive and UK Data Protection Act
  • Safe Harbor
  • HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB)
  • EU E-Privacy Directive (cookies notification)

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