Case Study


GetTheWorldMoving runs the Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC),  a leading corporate health program which improves workplace health and performance via an annual 16 week Challenge event and virtual journey around the world. The GCC’s workplace health benefits have enabled over 3,400 of the world’s leading organisations to achieve outstanding success by improving staff health and wellbeing, promoting teamwork, reducing absenteeism and creating an organisation-wide culture of resilience and increased productivity.

How we helped them

The brief

GetTheWorldMoving understands the importance of keeping personal information secure. Each year, thousands of participants trust GetTheWorldMoving with their details. As part of an ongoing dedication to information security, GetTheWorldMoving engaged Blueprint to assist with the development of a comprehensive suite of information security policies.

The solution

Blueprint worked closely with key stakeholders to determine the most effective controls to mandate in the policies. We reviewed the existing controls at GetTheWorldMoving, the control sets in ISO 27001 and the requirements in relevant legislation and regulations such as The Privacy Act and PCI DSS. This enabled us to create a comprehensive set of policies that were relevant, achievable and easy to understand.

The completed policies now document the mandatory security controls in place across the entire enterprise. They help to ensure a common understanding of security throughout the organisation and reinforce the culture of security among staff.